A growing collection of tips, tricks and resources to create powerful collaborations using Miro.

Miro is among the prominent tools that have been a backbone for our collaborations since the onset of COVID-19. 

As a product, Miro has stood out for its ease of use and the seemingly limitless possibility for the creation of visual frameworks that allow us to think together.

This page will continue to grow with tips, tricks and resources to help you maximise the experience and outcomes using Miro.

Creating a Lean Business Case template in Miro

In this video, we break down how we built a template for rapid workshops to develop Lean Business Cases – we unpack:

  • How to tap into the extensive Miro template library and make your own customisations to fit your unique needs
  • Quick tips for selecting and manipulating objects in Miro
  • How to build, test and iterate before multiplying your templates
  • How to create a seamless navigation experience for your users with way-finding
  • How to lock content down and prepare to present with Miro

ACCESS THE BOARD HERE: Miro – Lean Business Case Template
(this will be added to the Miroverse and link updated shortly)

More Miro resources will be posted to this page soon…


Where to from here?

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