This is not only about your ability to manage content but also how your environment effects your energy.

Here we explore five top tips for your desk setup. In this video, we outline these, most of which won’t require any investment. If you are considering investing in your setup, we provide our recommendations for where to invest first. Read on below the video to deep dive into each of the areas.

The 5 areas discussed in the video:

  1. Change your position – your physical position affects your biochemistry, change it and you change the dynamic quite a lot. Think of all of the different environments in our workspaces or at events and how we use them differently – presentation rooms with a seated audience and a stage for speakers, lounge and cafe areas for casual meetings, collaborative working spaces. Consider how you can mimic these environments in your home or office.
  2. Audience position – if you’re engaging with others through your computer, make sure that the audience is visible and as close to your camera as possible in order to allow you to look down the lens when you’re communicating and easily glance at the audience to see their reactions.
  3. Desktop layout – whether you’ve got one screen or two (or more) intentionally curate your screen for the task at hand. Building off #2 make sure your audience is visible while allocating screen space for presentations or content you need at hand. Use the multiple [digital] desktop options available both in Windows and Mac to create rapidly accessible spaces for other tasks you need such as music, collaboration tools and the like.
  4. Get it off your screen – like queue cards for a presenter on a stage think about creating sticky notes for key points you need to hit or even your agenda so that you can use your screen to focus on the people.
  5. Teleprompter – if you’re finding yourself having a lot of important 1:1 or small group conversations this particular hack will allow you to look people in the eye whilst they feel you are looking directly at them too, significantly improving the experience for all.

Where to from here?

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